Streamline Your Project Management with Seamless Issue Tracking and Billing
IssueBuddy™ is a highly effective solution for efficiently tracking and managing issues.

IssueBuddy’s™  advanced features enable users to streamline their workflows and stay on top of any potential problems. Whether you are working on a large-scale project or managing multiple assignments, IssueBuddy™ provides a seamless and reliable platform that can help increase productivity and decrease turnaround times. 

From the powerful issue tracking to the insightful reporting functionality, the solution delivers a comprehensive suite of tools to help users stay organized and in control. 

Additionally, with its intuitive design and user-friendly interface, teams can quickly onboard and start leveraging the robust capabilities of IssueBuddy™. Overall, if you are looking for a professional and efficient way to manage your issues, IssueBuddy™ is the perfect solution for you.

IssueBuddy Multi-Customer Support

Multi-Customer Support

  • Manage Multiple Customers with Unlimited Projects and Users
  • Associate Your People With Specific Projects
  • Associate You Customer’s People with Specific Projects
  • Customer-Admin Role to Set User Permissions and Project Access
  • Easy Issue Entry Form for End-Users
  • Robust Features for Issue Management for the Team
IssueBuddy Technical Workflow

Technical Workflow

  • From Issue Acceptance to Closure, our workflow will keep the process smooth and easy. 
  • Created Specifically for Software or Content Development
  • SMS Text and Email Notifications Keep Both the Customer and Technical Team Up to Date on Issues 
IssueBuddy Time and Billing

Time and Billing

  • Turn Time Into Money with our JobTimeClock Plug-in
  • Track Time Spent on Each Issue
  • Support Contract Management
  • Retainer System Management
  • Auto-Renew for Contracts
  • Auto-Replenish for Retainer
IssueBuddy Reporting

Comprehensive Reporting

Stay Informed With Real-Time Reports on:

  • Issues
  • Productivity
  • Retainer Accounting and Replenishment
  • Contract Renewal Status

Watch the Sample Video

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Beginner Friendly

  • Kid-tested for ease of use.
  • Easy to Follow Prompting
  • Full Validation For All Forms

Try IssueBuddy™ for Free for 30 Days

Use IssueBuddy™ for 30 days and see why we’ve been using IssueBuddy™ in-house for the last 15 years! We provide clear and easy to use features for Issue Tracking and Management, and your customers will love it!

Pay Monthly

Use IssueBuddy as an online service (SaaS). Pay for usage and storage.

Dedicated Server

For Higher Volume and Maximum Storage Options

On-Site License

For higher security, privacy, and full control of the software on your server farm.

Choose the Plans That Fits Your Need

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